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Shahrukh's film 'Pathan' earned 600 crores, 'Pathan 2' is also announced .

 After his film started receiving all-round appreciation from the audience, he announced his happiness through a press conference only yesterday Monday evening. Where he can be seen answering questions openly among the journalists.

From Shahrukh's happiness and reaction seen in Bollywood, it can be guessed that his comeback looks powerful. Shahrukh appeared in his old style at the press conference. He even went to give hurtful answers to the questions that came with fun and jokes. Shahrukh said at the press conference. Like all of our lives, there are some good and some bad situations. This opportunity became the same for me, he said. 

He forgot his past pains due to the popularity of 'Pathan'. He also wished that he would be able to share happiness with the people. "I wanted from the bottom of my heart that I could share happiness among the people," he said, "When I fail, I don't hurt anyone. As much as it happens to me. In this way, I am very happy now that I have been able to share my happiness with you.'

 The happiness that Shah Rukh told in the press conference is connected with the success of his film 'Pathan'. Shahrukh's happy face could be seen. In terms of income, the collection at the box office was overshadowed. He said to the journalists, "I have forgotten the past 4 years in these four days". Shahrukh also announced 'Pathan 2' in the said press conference. Pathan held the record of the highest grossing Hindi film by earning 106 crores worldwide on the first day.

 According to trade analyst Rameh Bala, Pathan has earned more than 600 crores of Indian rupees from the world in 6 days till Monday.

He said, 'My family is very happy after the success of Pathan. If a sequel to this film is made, I will work hard. I will make my hair longer in Pathan 2'. Shahrukh said that the audience's love is a bigger gift than the film's business.

Salman Khan has a cameo role in the film directed by Siddharth Anand, along with Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham. Shahrukh Khan has made a comeback after five years through this film.

 Shahrukh and Deepika are seen in the role of soldiers and John is seen in the role of villain. Abbas Tyrwala has prepared the screenplay of the film, which has a story by director Anand.

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